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let me shut my ass up though. Where’s Jay Electronica’s album tho? Where’s Jai Paul’s?

my favorite albums are the multidimensional ones.

When they’re not just music albums.

For example, Because The Internet: Clapping For The Wrong Reasons, the album itself, becausetheinter.net (screenplay), the live shows’s visuals, the music videos and the promotions (hackathons, usb drives, etc).

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was an album using live instruments recorded in Hawaii. The short film with it changed the industry. Not to mention, G.O.O.D. Music Fridays.

Discovery, an already perfect album, was also a movie built upon stitching together the music videos. Interstellar 555.

if I could muster up the time and energy, I think I could orchestrate one of the best music albums of the decade


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